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Section 2: Student Responsibilities. The following are the responsibilities and obligations of students:

The Fisher Valley College’s main task in its continuing concern as an intellectual community, is the elevation of academic standards within the limits of its resources. To achieve this goal of academic excellence, The Fisher Valley College shall strive to provide the following:

a. to study conscientiously and achieve the highest possible academic performance that they are capable of;

b. to uphold the basic principles and ideals of the College and to contribute to the attainment of its objectives;

c. to exercise rights in a responsible manner with due regard for the rights of others;

d. to promote and maintain the peace and tranquility of the College by obeying the rules on discipline and by exerting efforts to attain harmonious relationships with fellow students, faculty members and administration personnel; and

e. to follow and abide by The Fisher Valley College Student Code and all the rules and regulations of the College.


Section 1: Who can Enroll. Admission to The Fisher Valley College is open to all students who meet its academic standards and who agree to abide by its policies, rules and regulations. The act of enrollment confirms the fact that they have so agreed.

Section 2: Who cannot Enroll. As a general rule, the following students are ineligible for admission:

a. those without an honorable dismissal certificate or who have been refused admission in other schools for reason of academic deficiencies or discipline,

b. those previously admitted to the College but have been expelled or excluded there from for disciplinary and/or academic reasons,

c. those suffering from highly infectious or communicable diseases and mental disorder, and

d. those transferring from private schools with neither government permit nor recognition.

Section 3: Entrance Requirements. Applicants for admission are required to submit the following credentials:

A. NEW Students:

a.1 Completely filled-out Application Form
a.2 Form 138 (Report Card Original)
a.3 NSAT Result (Photocopy sheet from previous school)
a.4 Recent photograph (2 pcs. 2”x2”, 2 pcs. 1”x1”)
a.5 Certificate of Good Moral Character
a.6 Entrance Exam
a.7 Birth Certificate (Photocopy)
a.8 Form 137 (Student’s Permanent Record)

B. OLD Students: Those previously enrolled who seek re-enrollment shall submit their clearances and the following:

b.1 Graduating Students: copy of curriculum with grades, report of rating of last semester, and evaluation sheet. Graduating students must file their request for evaluation with the Registrar’s Office one month before start of enrollment.
b.2 Non-Graduating Students: copy of curriculum with grades, and last semester report of rating.

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