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16 TFVC C5 Outstanding Second Year Students Awarded

By Marlon B. Raquel

Sixteen second year college students of The Fisher Valley College C5 Annex Campus met the required Grade Point Average (GPA) in order to be qualified as Outstanding Students for 1st Semes-ter, A. Y. 2011-2012 as revealed by Prof. Marianne A. Mojar, C5 Annex Administrator.

Four outstanding students are from the Department of Business Administration and Accountancy headed by Prof. Ofelia Buenafe. They are Jocelyn Tolen-tino with Grade Point Average of 1.37,

Katherine Garganera, 1.41, Gelardine Aldema, 1.46, and Rosela Mabalot, 1.65.

The Department of Education, headed by DOE Advisers Prof. Marve Lakam-puenga and Prof. Jannet Calica, has three awardees, namely, Jona Rose Escopel, 1.55, May Ann Campos, 1.66, and Elbe Rebutazo, 1.98.

Meanwhile, nine awardees are from the Department of Computer Studies. They are Vanessa Talavera with a GPA of 1.56, Glebeth Mae Alferez, 1.63,

Jovelin Velasquez, 1.75, Leah Docallos, 1.76, Nelijan Emia, 1.77, Nickymar Sem-brano, 1.91, Ronalyn Prugelio, 1.95, Rose Ann Pereira, 2.02, and Anthea Tandoc, 2.02. DCS‘ Department Head is Engr. Reagan Ricafort.

The students were given Certificates of Recognition signed by Mrs. Kate L. Osorio, Acting College Director/College Registrar, Prof. Marianne A. Mojar, and the respective Department Heads.








Campus Ministries in Main and C5 Campuses Started

By Ofelia Buenafe

On November 23, 2011, Mrs. Ofelia Buenafe, Chairperson of the Depart-ment of Business Administration and Accountancy, together with 14 stu-dents started to conduct Bible studies in the Main Campus.

The regular schedule of small group meeting is every Wednesday at 2:00-

3:00 p.m. An hour of meeting with the students would truly enrich their spiri-tual learning and help them become spiritually alert. This group of students was composed of 12 students from DBAA, 1 student from DOE, and 1 from DOHM.

After three months, the Bible study was extended to C5 Annex Campus. The first meeting has held on February 22, 2012 which was composed of 18 students: 2 students from DOE, 1 stu-dent from BSHRM and 15 students from DBAA








The Living Water, the official student publication of The Fisher Valley

College, is in need of the following:



Graphic Artists

Layout Artists

If interested, please visit the Student Publication Office, 3F, Room 312,

The Fisher Valley College Main Campus.

Please bring your resume.