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By Anna Luz Dayne Conde

Not so long ago in November 2006 and most recently on July 26, 2011, typhoon Reming and typhoon Juaning respectively, wrought havoc in our country. Floods and landslides were very nerve-wracking. Indeed, those rare disasters gave traumatic experiences to the Filipinos. Personal and even real properties were damaged; human lives were spent lost beyond retrieval. See? Philippines is now flooded with alarming crises. In fact, it seems the poorest of our society is suffering from the different kinds of calamities. Why? It is because of us! Philippines, as we can see, is one of the richest countries when it comes to natu-ral resources. But we, the people, are neglecting what we have; we never take care of it responsibly as we ought to do. Instead of taking care of our natural resources, we are not using it in a proper way. Those are sins of mankind to Mother Nature.

In the aftermath, concerned national government agencies reported the secondary causes for the loss of lives and properties to be that of landslides and flash floods. But the truth is, beyond what our eyes can see, the primary cause of these disasters is the unabated cutting of trees in the watershed areas in our country. Solutions were recommended; the Philippine govern-ment provided many programs to arrest floods and landslides. One of its advocacies is reforestation. Yes it is-the unanimous clamor is reforestation. And the charter of the Philippine government was born, providing among others the mechanics for reforesting the nude areas in our country. The government shall actively and immediately pursue reforestation measures to ensure that at least fifty percent (50%) of the land surface of the country shall be covered with trees giving priority to land strips along eighteen percent (18%) in slope or over, by providing infrastructures, financial and technical to upland communi-ties especially the tribal peoples.

Yes, it is reforestation that will prevent floods and landslides. It is reforestation that will enable us to promote better society and better living, and it is reforestation that will help us lessen the sins that we have committed to Mother Nature.

And as citizens of this nation, we have responsibilities to give importance on what we have. The progress of our country is in our hands, it will start from us. We must cooperate and get involved in rendering the beauty of our nature. Green is the symbol for the new ecological era. We must start making changes to transform our society into a well-developed one. Let us not just rely on our government; we have our obligations that should be done in order to improve our homeland. Let us emerge from the destitution that we are suffering right now. Former U.S. President John F. Kennedy once said, "Let us not ask what the government can do for us, rather, and ask ourselves what we can do for the government.''


Guess Who?

By Ma. Erica Rose Medina and Merry Ann Mundo

Sa canteen..

Merry: Ecay! Busy ka?

Ecay: Not really, why?

Merry: Wala ako magawa eh. Can I go with you?

Ecay: Sure! Upo ka dito sa tabi ko.

Merry: Ecay, have you heard the news?

Ecay: Hindi pa. Tungkol saan naman?

Merry: Duh?! Bakit hindi ka updated?

Tungkol sa isang guy na nag-aaral na maging isang chef or a kitchen master someday.

Ecay: Tapos???

Merry: Wag ka kasing mag-angry birds para keep in touch ka sa mga chika and issues!

Ecay: Ano ba kasi ang intriguing issue na yan?

Merry: Well, sa gwapo niya, hindi ka maniniwala na sa over 2 years na

pag-aaral niya dito sa school, eh ANGELITO na pala siya!

Ecay: Ay, oo! =Yong ROSALIE nga daw taga-labas ng world natin. Hindi naman talaga halata. Magaling pa na-man siya sumayaw.

Merry:Oo nga! To think na madami pa sana siyang magagawa instead of being ANGELITO.

Ecay: Hay, naku! Napaka-liberated na talaga ng WORLD ngayon!

Merry: Gwapo ka nga, may sabit ka naman. A kind of turn-off diba?

Ecay and Merry: ( LAUGHING! HA-HAHA)

Ecay: Tama na yan! Tara, pasok na tayo!..