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I am confident that He will going to fulfil that in your life. God thinks of your future and makes plans for it. It is up to you to materialize it. It is true that God thinks and plans for our future but He needs your cooperation. Would you willing to help God fulfil His promises in your life?

And lastly, God’s plans are made to prosper you and give you hope in life.

When a child asks for bread, would a parent give him a snake? No. There is no parent in this world that would do that unless the parent is crazy enough. Your parent‘s plans for you are for your own good. They are designed for your success. If you question your parents, come to think of this: Why are you here in the first place? It is because your parents think of your future, plan for your future, and give you a chance to experience the goodness of life. This is exactly what God does for us. His plans are made for your prosperity, not to harm you. By making sacrifices in your studies in this institution, you are making your parents happy. Make your mama and your papa proud.

Life is not easy in this world, no matter how we relate well with our friends and neighbours. What God promised is that every time we feel the burden and it seems that we cannot hold it any longer, He is there to carry that burden and yes, even us, He can carry. Remember the story of the footsteps in the sand.

We are who we are today because of the choices we have made in the past. We will become who will be in the future be-cause of the choices we will make today. If we are clear with ourselves that we are students of God, then there is nothing to worry. Just as we are able to confidently share our happy moments and frustrations with our best friends without condem-nation, we can share to God whatever we would like to tell Him. He has magnificent plans for our lives. These plans are made to prosper us. He is thinking for our future – the very hope of our lives.

Let us help ourselves realize these plans. If you enjoy being absent in classes or you always cut classes, stop that. Do not give your parents and your professors a headache. If you feel the urge to cheat during quizzes and exams, you better straighten yourself up. It‘s better to get zero with a clear conscience than getting a perfect score by using evil means. If you see your-self as a useless man or woman, common, get your mirror and look at the reflection in the mirror. Tell yourself this way, "I am a precious creation of the perfect hands of the Lord. God is preparing for my bright future filled with hope. I will survive. I can overcome whatever onslaughts this life may bring. With God, I will soar above my dreams and expectations."

Life can be frustrating; it is full of pain and suffering. But the moment you realize that life itself is also a honey, you will soon discover how sweet it is to live.




Do not lose your faith in the midst of chasing your career. Recognize that you are finite. There is an end as we know it and there is an end to our physical exercise.

It is therefore important that we settle questions regarding our faith. What happens after death? Is there a judgment? Heaven? Hell? Or there is just nothingness?

Personally, I believe that there is a Divine Being that is also known as the Creator. I believe that my relationship with Him is the most important thing.


Believe and pray.


* This is an excerpt from the book authored by Eduardo R. Pilapil, Jr entitled Career Success, The 48 Cs published in 2011 by Achievers‘ Circle, Inc.

* Ed Pilapil, Jr. is the CEO of Achievers‘ Circle, Inc., an executive coaching, business consulting and strategy company. He is one of the seasoned speakers during Bible studies conducted at The Fisher Valley College Main Campus on Fridays.