Fall Out of Love

By Ana Marie Pera

When I first saw you

I know I have a feeling for you.

When you asked me to be your girl

I never think twice.

Every time you make me feel the way

That I am precious and special to you

I am so lucky to have you in my life

And I really appreciated all you’ve done to me.

I never think that our relationship will end

All I know this is perfect

But they said love is unpredictable

You cant say, how long it will stay.

The days passed by

And the feelings I had inside were changed

I don’t know but it becomes strange.

I thought you are the really one I love

But I wake up one day. The love was lost

I am sorry, but I have to say goodbye

Because I know it’s not worthwhile.

My Golden Future

By Merry Ann Mundo

Some say that college life is hard;

Some say that college life makes them tired.

A new life-changing experience,

A life that’s full of consequences;

But to me college life is fun,

When I make friends to everyone.

Through sometimes, I can’t stop misery

Where I make friends to everyone

Here, where I’ve learned to sacrifice,

For I knew at the end there’s a price.

These, I did for my family;

To take them out of poverty;

I want them to be proud of me,

And accept what I want to be.

I‘ve learned to be independent

And how to become confident;

Though sometimes I felt so awkward

But it’s only way to move forward;

Forward, to see a better picture;

Picture of my GOLDEN FUTURE.

“Forward to
see a better
Picture of
my Golden Future.’’



By Simon N. Eustaquio

Once upon a time, there‘s a legendary sword named Excalibur. This sword had been forged by fairies and elves. And it had been handed to a powerful wizard named Merlin. Merlin had a disciple named Arthur and he was preparing Arthur for becoming a king. There was a test for all of the boys of England. The test was to pull Excalibur out of a stone. But to do that, one must be worthy. It was a long line that it took days. Finally, it was Arthur‘s turn. He pulled with all his might and Excalibur had been pulled out of the stone and Arthur was made King of England. He had Excalibur which protected the kingdom for many years from all the invaders.

One day, his most trusted General named Sir Lancelot tried to steal Excalibur but he failed. They had fought and won many wars. But one day, King Arthur died in age and Excalibur had been sealed in an oak tree somewhere in the forest of England. His son continued his father‘s footsteps. This day, many people are still searching Excalibur.