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By Myra Joy Ann G. Bayot

Pressured, nervous, depressed, disappointed and frustrated – these are some of the feelings of a graduating student like me. Pressured of the deadlines of the projects, nervous of the results of the grades, depressed with the bad results of the plans, disappointed and frustrated because of the problems and hardships.

As a graduating student, you have to exert extra effort in studying. If you work hard while you‘re in lower years of your college life, this time you have to double it or even triple your hard work if you can because being a graduating stu-dent is a big battle. It is a battle between you and your dreams of attending your graduation and receiving your diploma.

In studying, there was everything. Sleepless nights, fatigue, worries and hag-gardness. Even the thought of giving up was there. There comes a point in your life that you will feel bitterness. You will think that life is being unfair. That your profes-sors are being rude to you. That they don‘t want you to graduate. That they are the hindrance to your success. But these were only transient emotions and thoughts evoked by much studying and lack of rest sometimes. In the end, you will realize that as you face every challenge in your studies, you became stronger and even better individual.

The life of being a graduating student is like a defendant who is being prosecuted in the court. You are not sure whether you will be proven guilty of attending the graduation or not based on the pieces of evidences presented such as hard work, perseverance and determination.

As a graduating student, you must have the courage to pursue and finish your studies. You must possess the fea-tures of character such as determination, perseverance, hard work and commitment. You must be strong enough to win the battle or else you will lose it.

To all the graduating students like me, just do your best. Hold on your dreams. Never stop dreaming and believing that you can make it to the graduation day. No one but only you can bring you to the top. No one but you can make your-self proven guilty of attending your graduation day. Always remember that your success will depend on how hard you work for it, on how big your faith and trust in GOD are and on how you apply your skills and talents given by GOD. Fellow graduating students, our success will depend on us. We must always remember that if we want something, we have to work for it and we must trust GOD.



Academic Year 2012-2013


JUNE 2012

18-Start of Classes

JULY 2012

16-21— Prelim Exam


15-21— Midterm Exam 30— Directress Day


15-21— Pre-final Exam
5th Organizational Week College Retreat


15-20— Final Exam



5— Start of Classes


14-20— Prelim Exam

Christmas Party


15-21— Midterm Exam

26th Founding Anniversary


15-21— Prefinal Exam

Chairman‘s Day

MARCH 2012

4-9 Final Exam (graduating)

15-20Final Exam (undergrad)

Commencement Exercises



Independence Day-June 12

Ninoy Aquino Day-August 21

National Heroes Day-August 27

Eid‘l Fitr**

Eid ul Adha**

All Saints Day-November 1

Additional special non-working day-November 2

Bonifacio Day-November 30

Taguig Day-December 8

Christmas Day-December 25

Rizal Day-December 30

Last Day of the Year-December 31


New Year‘s Day-January 1

EDSA Day-February 25

Maunday Thursday-March 28

Good Friday-March 29

Araw ng Kagitingan-April 9

Labor Day-May 1

* Based on Proclamation No. 295 signed by President Be-nigno S. Aquino III except for Taguig Day.

** Exact dates of these Islamic holidays are still to be deter-mined in accordance with Islamic calendar.

*** 2013 holidays are listed in their original dates pending on the issuance of Presidential proclamation.