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By Ma. Christine Joy T. Losito

Graduation day is just few days away and everyone is very ex-cited about it, especially the graduates. It is the day that certi-fies all the hard work and perseverance of the students, the day when they can finally bear the fruits of their sacrifices. The day which I call, ?The Final Judgment.?

However, I am very happy, thankful, and honored to be given this wonderful opportunity to write an inspiring article about one inspiring person, the star of the eventóthe first-ever magna cum laude of The Fisher Valley CollegeóMs. Myra Joy Ann Bayot, a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology student.

I gave her some questions which she answered in an intelligent yet humble way.

The Living Water (TLW):What can you say about being the magna cum laude for batch 2012 and the first to receive such second highest honor since TFVCĎs founding in 1987?

Myra: Of course, I am very happy and thankful to our Almighty Father for this great blessing. I feel deep satisfaction that finally my dreams of receiving my diploma and attending my college gradua-tion with flying colors materialized.

TLW: What makes you different from other students?

Myra: What makes me different from other students? Maybe itís the big faith that I have. Itís the determination, courage, perseverance, and commitment.

TLW: What is the most valuable lesson you have learned in the past four years?

Myra: After four years of hard work and perseverance, Iíve learned one great lesson, that our success will depend on us. It depends on how hard we work for it, on how big our trust and faith in God, and on how we apply and use out talents given by God.

TLW: Five years from now, what do we expect from you?

Myra: Through my faith in God, I believe that five years from now, you will see a better person in me, a person who is more determined, more courageous, and more faithful.

TLW: Any message or advice to the next batch of stu-dents here in The Fisher Valley College?

Myra: For the next batch of graduates of The Fisher Valley College, always remember that you can fulfill all your dreams in life if you have the courage to pursue them. If you want something, work for it and trust God.

Now, after what you have read and learned from her, will you agree with me if I say that she is truly unique?

What more can I say? A real wise indeed.

“… our success will depend

on us… on how big our

trust and faith in God is..”

















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