Campus Ministry


The Campus Ministry program of TFVC is anchored in the strengthening of spiritual well-being of every student as well as teachers, staff and administrative officers. It seeks to imbibe in them the Christian principles and bible teachings they can use to live a morally-uptight and God-fearing character.. 

Weekly Bible Study - A one-hour bible study is held every week where Word of God is shared among teachers, professors, personnel and students who are seeking enlightenment on biblical principles and wishing to gain wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Each session begins with a praise and worship, followed by testimonials, sharing of the word, and prayer.

Monthly College Student Fellowship - Students are refreshed, enlightened, motivated, and challenged whenever they attend this monthly gathering where an anointed speaker is invited to speak on a topic covering the issues, problems and concerns faced by the students. Solutions are provided which are based on wisdom presented in the bible. Students also get a chance to fellowship with one another as they actively participate in this event. Usually held in the Fellowship Hall, the monthly fellowship is also celebrated alongside major student activities like acquaintance party, Christmas presentation, Freshmen ball and the like.

Music and Dance Ministry - Students gifted with talents in singing, dancing and playing musical instruments like guitar, keyboard, violin and drums are encouraged to be part of the Music and Dance Ministry. A member gets to perform in various musical presentations, concerts and recitals. They are trained to excel and give their best all for the glory of God.

Christian Education - Four Christian Education subjects are integrated in all curricula of TFVC collegiate courses as approved by the Commission on Higher Education. These are The Laws, The Prophets, The Gospel, and The Epistles.