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In The Fisher Valley College, High School is a part of a 10-year compulsory education which runs for 4 years after the 6 years education for grade school. The levels for high school are usually identified as:

First Year

Second Year
Third Year
Fourth Year

And informally identified by counterpart names in college:


Children normally enter high school from age 12 or 13 and complete it when they reach age 15 or 16. Everyone who finishes high school normally receives a high school diploma by participating in a graduation ceremony and a transcript of records (DepEd Form 137-A). Aside from a few exceptions granted by law, a high school diploma is a requirement in entering college/university.

Classes in the Philippines start in June and end in March with a recognition ceremony (for First Year to Third Year), and a graduation ceremony (for graduating Fourth Year students).

By the year 2011, the government announced that the Philippines will soon be upgrading its education by adopting the K-12 system. The affected students are yet to be clarified.