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An elementary school or primary school in The Fisher Valley College is an institution where children receive the first stage of compulsory education known as elementary or primary education. Elementary school is the preferred term in some countries, where the terms grade school and grammar school are also used. The elementary school has always been the main point of delivery for primary education; and the (senior) high school has always been the focal point of secondary education. Originally, elementary school was synonymous with primary education, taking children from Kindergarten through grade 6; and secondary school was entirely coextensive with the high school 1st to 4th year.  This system is until the years following, because most children in most parts of what was then the mostly rural could go no further than Grade 6. Even when the high schools were available, they were often not accessible.

As the population grew and became increasingly urban and suburban instead of rural, the one-room schoolhouse gave way to the multi-room schoolhouse, which became multiple schools.