Atty. Ronald R. Yap

President/Chairman of the Board

Mrs. Rebecca M. Yap

Corporate Treasurer/School Directress

Mrs. Rowena Grace Y. Castro

Vice Pres. for Academic Affairs

Mr.  Fritzgerald M. Yap

Vice President for External Affairs

Dr.  Marvin C. Castro

College Director (On Leave)

Ms. Ma. Meni Kathleen L. Osorio    

College Registrar/ Actg. Director of College

Mrs. Annabelle S. Aguirre    

Chief Finance Officer

Ms. Gina C. Orense

COHM Chairperson

Ms. Myra Joy Bayot

CCS Chairperson

Mr. Marlon B. Raquel

CBAA Chairperson

Mrs. Jannet I. Calica

COE Chairperson

Mrs. Glenda A. Cruz

Elementary and High School Registrar

Ms. Caridad Antonino

School Librarian

Ptr. Joseph Corpuz  N. Toledo

Spiritual Director